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   Every Wednesday night at 8: 30 turn that television on because there are four new talented students joining Head of The Class: Rain Pryor, Michael DeLorenzo. Lara Piper and DeVoreaux White.

Rain Pryor portrays T.J., who first appearedat the end of last year's serie, acts like a tough, anti-gang, anti-drug character. She is striving to be accepted into the honors class.

Michael DeLorenzo (who is Alex Tores) plays the part of an intellectual, fond of girls-type of character. Besides being the guy that every girl likes, he steals the heart of many of us girls out here watching!

Lara Piper plays Viki Amory, an intelligent, beautiful girl aiming for goals in life by showing lots of enthusiasm in the classroom.

The role of Aristotle McKenzie is played by DeVoreaux White. White plays the part of a highly creative student who uses his way of thinking in a very artistic way.

If you want to see this incredible bunch in action, tune in on Wednesday night at 8: 30, Channel 5

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