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   Each Thursday night on ABC from 10-11 p.m. is seen a news program called "Prime Time Live." The show is hosted by well-known news anchors, Sam Donaldson and Diane Sawyer.

"Prime Time Live" first aired on August 3, 1989, and is a relatively new entry into the television news world. The fact that this is a new show, however, has certainly not affected its calibur. The coverage of current news events by Donaldson and Sawyer is excellent.

Consider "Prime Time Live's" coverage of the recent Bay earthquake disaster. The show was flooded with live interviews from doctors, experts and civilians, each having something different to say and from a different perspective. Even after the disaster was over, "Prime Time Live" gave updates on the lives of those affected by the quake. Consider also, "Prime Time Live's" recent coverage of The Berlin Wall.. This coverage allowed the nation to see the first-hand affects of the removal of part of The Wall.

Donaldson's and Sawyer's reporting on "Prime Time Live" is clear and accurate. I have learned more about current events from this weekly television show than from any other source. Like many other Americans, I make it a point to watch this show each week. Without it, I might know current events, but I wouldn't know the small details that are so important in forming one's opinion on an issue. I urge you, I challenge you, watch "Prime Time Live" on Thursdays and watch your perspective on world events change.n

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