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   "The Simpsons," without a doubt, now holds the title of television's funniest family. Created by Matt Groening this cartoon family was an instant hit, first appearing in their own show only a few months ago, after previously having limited spots on the Tracey Ullman Show. It's not a surprise that this witty, original show became popular, for the family consists of five hilarious oddballs. Homer, the father, works in a nuclear power plant, and loves bowling, gambling, and misguiding his kids. Marge, the mother, keeps the rest of the family sane with her moral reminders and kind actions, (not to mention her four-foot-high blue hairdo). Lisa, Bart, and Maggie make up the rest of the wacky Simpson crew, each being troublesome and well-behaved at various intervals. The unique animation and fine scripts for "The Simpsons" make it definitely the show to watch. "The Simpsons" appears on Fox Channel 25, Sundays at 8: 30 pm.

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