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   "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" is a hot show on Fox Sunday nights at 7: 30. It's a funny and unusual comedy that is strikingly different from most half-hour sitcoms.

The show stars Corin "Corky" Nemec as Parker Lewis. Along with his two best buddies, Mikey and Jerry, Parker tries to have as much fun as possible at Santa Domingo High. It isn't easy with the principal, Miss Musso, and her loyal assistant, Frank, always onto their mischief. With a lot of clever planning, though, Parker and his friends are always able to outsmart them.

When Parker and the guys aren't busy avoiding detention, they face a variety of different and amusing dilemmas.

Next time you have nothing to do on a Sunday night, turn on "Parker Lewis Can't Lose." Anyone who is looking for a comedy with a new style, this one is for you. Don't miss it! n

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