Seinfeld Strikes A Common Chord With Many Of Its Viewers MAG

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   Seinfeld Strikes a Common Chord with Many of its Viewers

On Thursday nights at nine o'clock, a show that millions of people watch comes on. The name of this hit television series: "Seinfeld." In its third season, the show has received rave reviews from many critics.

What draws so many people to this situation comedy is its four main characters. Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), a stand-up comic living in New York; Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) Jerry's ex-girlfriend, now just a good friend; and George (Jason Alexander), Jerry's unemployed best friend who tends to overreact regularly. The fourth is Kramer (Michael Richards), a tall man who lives down the hall from Jerry. With hair sticking straight up, he has a flair for making wild entrances into Jerry's apartment.

These four characters often congregate at Jerry's place and carry on conversations about the silliest things. These conversations often strike a common chord with the show's audience because many find themselves recalling having the same conversation. The four talk freely about any topic, since they are such good friends.

In one recent episode Jerry's car was stolen from right in front of his house because the man who moved cars in the neighborhood (so they wouldn't get towed) left Jerry's keys in it. The humorous part about this episode was that instead of calling the police, they call Jerry's car phone and Jerry asks the thief to take care of the car. While on the phone, Kramer asks the thief to check to see if his gloves are there, and when they are, he gives him his address and asks him to return them. The silly part about the whole thing is that when they talk with the thief, it is as if they know him.

This wildly funny show did well in the recent Golden Globe Awards, winning Best Actor (Jerry Seinfeld), one of the co-producers, Best Supporting Actress (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Best Series.

This show keeps me laughing every time I watch. I would recommend for anyone who hasn't seen Seinfeld to watch it once, you'll definitely get hooked. .

Review by C. D., Brunswick, ME

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