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   Frightening, intriguing, astounding, engrossing, chilling, and fascinating are only a few words that describe Fox's cult series, The X-Files. Now in its second season, The X-Files has attracted the attention of audiences and critics alike with its creative storylines and distinct style like no other on television. Capturing the Golden Globe Award for the Best Drama Series of 1994, The X-files has only begun to receive the recognition it truly deserves.

Following the case investigations of special federal agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (portrayed excellently by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson), The X-Files probes into the unexplained and the paranormal. (The real x-files are cases that FBI agents refuse to investigate because of their strangeness.) Now, we're not talking about the usual hubbub about UFOs; the investigations are much more than that. In past episodes Scully and Mulder have come across a variety of the unexplained including alleged concealment of UFO findings by the military, human mutation, subversive cloning, and strange disappearances, just to name a few. Some storylines are taken from actual newspaper headlines, but series originator Chris Carter adds some decidedly unique twists to the plots.

The X-Files is no unbelievable, cheesy show. It is extremely well-written, well acted, yet reality-based. The storylines leave you pondering the question, "Could this really happen?" If the storylines aren't enough to captivate you, then the undercurrent of chemistry between Duchovny and Anderson sure will. Their characters show vulnerability at times which makes them only human and all the more appealing to audiences. Both actors appear extremely comfortable in their roles and act off each other wonderfully. The effects, the storylines and the acting just keep getting better which assures us all of a prosperous and intense future for The X-Files

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