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   Bang! The emergency room doors swing open and bring with them a roller coaster ride of excitement. Driven by chaos and pandemonium, the overnight hit ER has managed to capture viewers all over the country.

Being one of the most successful hospital shows ever, ER is not only the quickest pulsed series with an average of 25-30 million viewers a week, it is the season's number one rated drama. With various intense story lines, the show barely allows its viewers to catch their breath. It's a full hour of adrenaline-pumped energy!

In its first year, ER has managed to pick up eight Emmies. ER's Thursday night competition has flat-lined, causing networks to move other shows to different time slots.

What is it that keeps so many people coming back each week? Why would people rush to their televisions to see a woman give birth and then die, or an eight year old boy stuck in a storm sewer, or even a woman who chopped off her husband's arm with an ax? ER's bloody hospital scenes are so realistic, viewers are glued to their television sets. What really brings all the excitement to life are the six actors who work ER's corridors. Described as a "beautiful cast," the medical staff includes Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, Noah Wyle, Juliana Margulies, and Eriq LaSalle.

With viewers tuning in each week just to catch a glimpse of their favorite actor, and, okay, to see the gory hospital scenes, it looks as if TV's pulse-pounding hit will stick around for some time to come

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