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   Sitting down to get a quick bite to eat, I caught a new program on Comedy Central, "Make Me Laugh." Its premise is three comics doing stand-up routines for one minute each, then, in a "bonus round" the contestant faces all three comics for one minute. The longer the contestant can keep from laughing, the more money he can win. This is a great idea and I usually love programs on Comedy Central because most are hilarious. But "Make Me Laugh" has one problem. The comics just aren't funny. Now, I'm not a stick in the mud. Ask any of my friends - I laugh at a lot of things and love humor. I've asked other people and they also find the comics to be not as skilled as they, or the producers, think they are. Most of their humor resembles jokes without punch lines. Normally this would be fine. The comic would be their not-funny selves, the ratings would go down, and the show would get canceled. But, there's another problem. The contestants actually lose sometimes, and the audience and host are laughing hysterically! After forcing myself to sit through an entire episode, (I don't use force loosely here, I actually wanted to get up and do the dishes), I have come to the conclusion that the studio is pumped full of nitrous oxide before the show and during commercials. That's the only way I can figure it out.

But hey, don't take my opinion, tune into Comedy Central and watch it for yourself

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