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   "The Wayans Bros.," an exciting comedy starring Shawn and Marion Wayans, airs every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. In the show, Shawn and Marion play brothers who live together and own a news stand. Shawn, the smooth-talking stud of the two, and Marion, the younger brother who is forever acting like a five-year-old, seem to have a conflict every week, but always resolve it with a brotherly hug. Their father, John Witherspoon, has a coffee shop in the same building as their newsstand and they usually go to him with their problems. Even though Pops has weird ways of expressing solutions, they understand.

This is a great show for teens because many of the issues are a reality in a teen's life. Kids feel at home when they watch the show. Also, it is a positive influence - Shawn and Marion work things out in the proper way. Whether it is over a girl or a friend or a job, they come out best friends.

"The Wayans Bros." is a great show that is important for teens to watch because it teaches valuable lessons and is a good, funny, in-style show. I recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a laugh or just a good show

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