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   "Dawson's Creek" is the newest smash hit of the evening television line-up. It occupies the 9: 00 p.m. slot on Tuesday evenings on the Warner Brothers television network. This sensation is attracting a new crowd. It has young, attractive characters who are experimenting with their sexuality and dealing with the challenges and adventures of high school. The story is set in rural Massachusetts and deals with simple morals and ethics. The main character, Dawson, is an over dramatic future filmmaker torn between his best friend (a sexy girl-next-door-type named Joey), and a new student from New York named Jennifer. Macy, Dawson's friend, is getting in way over his head when he becomes intimately involved with his older and seductive teacher, Ms. Jacobs.

"Dawson's Creek" is so popular because it deals with sensitive and relevant issues that teenagers face every day growing up in the '90s. This is an excellent show. It teaches teens how to cope with delicate issues such as love, divorce, sex and education.

My prediction is a long, successful career for this cool, new show which receives my recommendation to teens and parents everywhere. .

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