December 22, 2009
By , Beverly Hills, CA
The promos started before American Idol had even finished in the spring of '09. Everyone I talked to said that Glee looked like it was going to be a great show, and we were all excited.

When the first episode premiered in May 2009, I sat down with my family and watched. I was immediately hooked.

In September, I anticipated the return of the show. It is like High School Musical for 18 year olds. Although they sing a lot, there are a lot of older teen and adult issues.

At one point, there is a pregnancy. Quinn (pregnant) tells her boyfriend it is his child, but it's really Puck's, who is the immature football guy, who also happens to be Quinn's boyfriend's (Finn) best friend. We all know how this is going to end.

Also, Will's wife wants a baby, and realizes that her pregnancy symptoms aren't actually a result of a real pregnancy. Realizing that she can't tell Will it was just a mistake, she pretends to be pregnant. She'll take Quinn's baby, and will wear a fake bump. Of course, Will finds out and files for divorce.

All the while, we hear the talented singers singing some classics, and some new, but amazing music. A favorite of mine was Somebody to Love and No Air between Finn and Rachel. I also enjoyed Imagine.

Glee is an amazing show and really exciting. I always watch just to see what drama will come up next. This show keeps me on the edge of my seat, and it is nominated for a Golden Globe. Let's hope it keeps this streak up!

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