Inuyasha the final act ,episode #11

December 20, 2009
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Inuyasha ,the Final Act
Kanna’s Graveyard
Episode 11

Kanna has finally shown her true abilities as a minion of Naraku. She has created a mirror monter from the mirror which she initially holds. The monster is able to absorb the powers of Inuyash’s sword, Tetsusaiga. On the other hand, Inuyasha’s sword loses its powers and is unable to unleash any of its attacks. The gang is defenceless against her and her mirror monster. Kanna then continues to hunt down Inuyasha and gang, as they try to escape and hide from her attacks. While chasing the gang, Kanna reflects upon her friend Kagura, whether she had really obtained her freedom. Using the Red Tetsusaiga, Kanna’s Mirror monster breaks open the barrier and attacks the gang. Kagome successfully attacks the monster with her arrow. However, the damage caused is being absorbed by Kanna. Attacking Inuyasha with Adamant Barrage, Inuyahsa is turned into his demon and attacks the monster. He cut the monster deep in the shoulders but the damage was once again absorbed. Now Narraku has the monster to use the Scaled Tetsusaiga to attack Inuyasha’s Demonic vortex. Finally knowing that Kanna is connected to the monster in such a way, the gang tries to persuade Kanna to stop the fight. However, Kanna begins to use another ability to attack Inuyahsa. The power uses the shadow of the mirror to take aim on its opponents, and sends a powerful blast onto them. Sending another blast onto Inuyasha, he uses his sword to deflect the blast. However, it causes a crack onto the sword. Kanna then sends a continuous blast onto him, causing the sword to be greatly severed. Then, Narraku at his hidden location reveals that, Kanna’s existence is to destroy Tetsusaiga. Inuyahsa now attacks the sword of the mirror demon, to absorb its demonic energies back. Failing to destroy the sword, Narraku attempts to self-destruct Kanna and wants her to take them with her. While she was destroyed, Kanna attempts to leave her last words with Kagome. Even tough Kagome failed to hear her, Kanna’s combustion caused a shard to fall into Kagome’s eyes. Kanna showed Kagome that the jewel had a faint light which could destroy Naraku.

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there are 20 more episode to go , hope the reviews will keep you updated before the show is aired in the coming weeks

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