One Summer

December 16, 2009
By Jade2 BRONZE, Oxford, Other
Jade2 BRONZE, Oxford, Other
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The film was made in 1980 and was first shown August of 1983, it was directed by Gordon Flemym, has also directed two ‘Dr Who’ feature films in 1956 and 1966, he also directed ‘The Bill’. He was born in 1934 and died in 1995.The music was by Alan Parker, who has done lots of music for ‘The Commitments’, ‘Jaws 3’ and many more. It was written by Willy Russell, he has also written ‘Educating Rita’, ‘Shirley Valentine’ and ‘Blood Brothers’, these were very successful play’s as ‘Blood Brothers’ is in the theatres.
Even though it’s an old play, I still think it’s relevant today, because it shows you life in the 80’s it shows how differently their lives are, to how lucky our lives are like now. I know it might sound a bit boring but it is a really good film to watch, as its short episodes which you get a lot out of. This film is not like any other teenage film, it’s real people, showing what their lives are like. It’s less like “Twilight” and more like “Eastenders.”
The plot is of two boys called Billy and Icky, and then they run away to Wales and go to live with a man, who they don’t know who is called Kidder. Then towards the end, it turns dramatic but you will have to watch it to find out! Billy is left in Wales. He then finds out a secret about Kidder …. But I’ve told you too much already.
Billy played by David Morrissey, is the more mature one out of him and Icky. Icky played by Spencer Leigh, he’s weird and unusual. Also there’s Kidder played by the late James Hazeldine, he is tough and welcoming to Billy and Icky.
At the start of the film it is set in Liverpool; it’s rough, dirty and not the nicest places to live. Then they go to Wales, and it’s clean, fresh and a nice place to live. They are two important places in the play because the boys start their journey off in Liverpool and end their journey in Wales.
The music was made by Alan Parker; he made all the music that is played on the play of ‘One Summer’. The music is really memorable and sticks in your head, it connects well with the film.
My thoughts of the play are, I think it’s really good as you see two friends grow apart towards the end. My feelings about the play are, I find it’s really nice two friends run away together, but start growing apart. I’m shocked that the ending was very different to what I thought!
I know it might sound a bit boring but it’s a really good film to watch, as it’s short episodes and you get a lot out of it.

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