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December 28, 2009
By Shane Beard BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Shane Beard BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Ever wonder if a twenty-first century family could survive in the pioneer days, working, eating, sleeping, and living as settlers did in the 1800s? For anyone who loves American history, especially the settlement of the West, I highly recommend this PBS series.

Over 5,000 families applied for the opportunity to take part in this cultural experiment, with only three chosen. The families came from different lifestyles but had to set aside their differences and work together to start their own community. I think PBS made great choices in the families they selected.

Unlike today's standard of living, the pioneers had to basically do everything themselves, including build shelter and find food and water. Each family was given a different shelter scenario.

The families encountered many obstacles, both physical and emotional. The work pioneers had to do was extremely physical, and their bodies took a beating. The individuals from this century shared their thoughts with the audience, which gave us an idea of how the pioneers might have felt.

Weather was also a major factor for these homesteaders. It's not uncommon for Montana to experience snow and hail storms year round, which could be very destructive to gardens and cabins. Montana is also home to bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and wolves.

In conclusion, I appreciated this series' accuracy. It was fascinating to watch three families experience frontier life and overcome obstacles. “Frontier House” is an authentic portrayal of pioneer life.

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