Inuyasah ,The Final Act , Episode 8 -Among the twinkling stars

November 30, 2009
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In Episode 8, we continue our adventure with Kagome’s successful retrieval of the Holy Bow from Mount Azusa. After passing the test of the God of Mount Azusa, Naraku’s webs were being purified by the God and the bow was given to her.
Upon retrieving the bow, Naraku attacks and captures the team along with Koga. Naraku then attempts to take Koga’s shards and devour him all together. Then, Inuyasha and Kagome arrives just in time to save Koga from his impending doom. Kikyo was also saved from the clutches of Naraku by Inuyahsa. Knowing that the shards when combined with his jewel of four souls, Naraku hid away the jewel and lured Koga to jump towards a replicated jewel. However, Kagome senses that the jewel has something a miss, and felt that the actual jewel was with Kikyo instead. Being exposed by Kagome, Naraku attempts to capture Kikyo to retrieve the jewel.

Kagome on the other hand, shoots the only holy arrow she has left. At the very final moment, Kagome’s arrow reaches the jewel first, and purifies it. The purified jewel is quickly guided by Kikyo’s soul collectors towards Naraku. Fearing the jewel’s arrival, Naraku releases a strong cloud of miasma to taint the jewel. Miroku uses his wind tunnel to remove the miasma which Inuyasha and Koga are trapped in. Koga’s legs were soon loose and Inuyasha sets him free from Naraku’s capture. Naraku, even though fighting hard against the jewel’s purification, takes away Koga’s 2 shards.

Due to Naraku’s pure evil aura and a weakened jewel, he has once again managed to taint it and devours its power. Naraku sends a final strike towards Kikyo, causing her to be greatly injured. Naraku escapes. Kikyo is now a normal woman once again and dies a purposeful death.

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