November 23, 2009
By AndrewG BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
AndrewG BRONZE, Newark, Delaware
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"House Is Back!"

It’s that time of year again! The premieres of all our favorite drama/comedy/reality shows are here. One of those television shows was on Monday night on Fox. The talented actor, Hugh Laurie, plays Dr. Gregory House in the television series House. His character is a medical doctor who is very talented at figuring out medical mysteries. He is known for his dedication but also for his rude manners. Although the patients have to deal with him, they are almost guaranteed the best medical help.
At the end of last season, Dr. House checks himself into a mental institution because of his addiction to pain killers and his recurring hallucinations. He is addicted to Vicodin for a leg injury and is also having hallucinations about a dead doctor that once worked for him. The story opens with him at the institution. He feels as though he is cured and wants to leave, but the doctor in charge says different. He is sent to a ward at the hospital with patients who have psychiatric problems. Of course, House doesn’t think he has a problem so he does what he does best – insulting people and being insensitive to their feelings. From the beginning, he finds ways to not play by the rules. For example, he pretends to take his pills, he gambles in order to win privileges, and he even left the grounds without permission.
All the while, he tries to help people with their issues, but even that doesn’t turn out well. He even falls in love with a patient’s sister-in-law, but unfortunately it doesn’t work out. He finally realizes that he does need help, and he can’t do it on his own. So he starts to play by the rules by taking his pills and cooperating with the doctors. He starts to express his feelings honestly and really works hard toward trying to go home.
All his hard work pays off when he finally gets released from the “asylum.” He gets on a bus headed back to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital where he hopes to solve more medical cases. This episode is a great kick-off to the brand new season of House. Viewers will be very anxious to see if he returns to his old ways of abusing prescription drugs and insulting patients, family and co-workers. Tune In!

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