November 16, 2009
By lovethelifeyoulive BRONZE, Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma
lovethelifeyoulive BRONZE, Ft. Gibson, Oklahoma
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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt.

You have probably heard about the new show "Glee" from Fox. Some critics rave it is amazing, well others say it is just a rip off of high-school musical and has way too many pop songs.

After seeing numerous facebook posts about the show every wedensday which is the day a new episode airs, from my friends. I decided I might check it out. I thought it was pretty good overall.

I definetly appreciated the fact that it had a deeper message then some other shows. I was actually moved when the coach let the girl with down syndrome on the team, because her older sister suffered from the same disease. It also had that touch of interesting drama that I and other viewers I am sure are always looking for. The drama was a perfect level, interesting but not overwhelming.

The characters seemed relatable and definetly could resemble people you encounter everyday. I also think that they made the characters unique enough, so they dont blend in with each other causing the show to become bland.

As the critics would say, "Glee, two thumbs up!"

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I realize that all the puncuation and grammar may not be correct due to the fact that I just free-wrote this review. :) Thanks for reading!

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