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November 8, 2009
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Have you ever heard of The Office? Not many had a few years ago when it first aired. But now? Well, I see Dunder Mifflin t-shirts everywhere! And if you’re wondering what Dunder-Mifflin is then you’re probably not one of the many people who are fans today. Dunder Mifflin in the paper company in the show, The Office. The Office is a comedy on NBC that portrays a paper company and its employees. And most of all its employees employer, Michael Scott.

The sixth season just started about two months ago. The sixth season was the most anticipated in my opinion, because of the major news that was revealed at the end of the fifth season finale. Pam the long-time-receptionist-just-turned-saleswoman and her then fiancé Jim the long time paper salesman found out Pam was pregnant. As you may have noticed I said then fiancé. In an episode a few weeks passed Jim and Pam tied the knot in Niagara Falls in an hour long episode. Hour long episodes are hard to come by in The Office. The quirky series has half hour episodes every Thursday night. In some ways it’s nice; they keep the episodes short and sweet, not to mention hilarious. But in other ways at the end of the episode you just sit there saying to yourself, it’s over? Already?!?

This season, though, I feel like The Office is growing up. Many of the characters start more drama, become more mature, and in some cases stay the same. Pam and Jim are now married and expecting a baby for one. Andy, another salesman, has a crush on the new receptionist Erin. And surprisingly no nonsense Stanley was having an affair and is now dating her. Dwight… well Dwight is just the same as before. He’s the odd, weird, sometimes gross salesman and also Jim’s “enemy”. And lastly, Michael Scott. In this season he now has to cooperate with Jim because the head of the company made the two co-managers. Michael has to show another side of himself now, with Jim, as co-managers. But still keep his totally unpredictable, time-wasting personality, his knack for taking things a little too far, and, though it may be a surprise, his great salesmanship.

So if you haven’t seen The Office before, or you’ve seen commercials, or even those Dunder-Mifflin t-shirts, turn on your TV to NBC at 9:00 pm eastern time on Thursday nights. If you’re like me, you’ll be hooked in an instant. The Office is a fabulous show and also down-to- earth. With an amazing cast you’ll be laughing so hard but at the same time be thinking, wow, work looks like so much fun!

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