October 29, 2009
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Have you ever watched 90210? I have and its a interesting show. The show is about people who are friends one day and the next day they hate each other. There is a lot of drama and break-ups/make-ups. One girl, Annie and her step brother Dixson were really close before they moved from Kansas to Beverly Hills. When they moved to Beverly Hills they moved ferther and ferther apart from each other and know they dont care what one of them does. They dint like talking to each other anymore. Dixson is going out with this college girl who thinks he's in college to but he's really only in high school. She thinks there really good together but, Dixson is having second thoughts. Meanwhile, Annie is friends with this guy who is doing drugs but she doesn't know that. She thinks there going to be together forever. When she finds out that he does do drugs she doesn't wont to have anything to do with him. I likr this show because you're always intertained

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