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Review on Glee

October 5, 2018
By emma_kay BRONZE, Neosho, Missouri
emma_kay BRONZE, Neosho, Missouri
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I’ll be writing a review on the series Glee. Will Schuester, also known as Mr. Schue, is a Spanish teacher but he is obsessed with the glee club. There isn’t a glee club at the school so he decides to start one. He starts finding many students from different groups like football players, cheerleaders, the smart ones, the ones out of the bubble and the disabled ones. Although there are many “popular” people in the glee club, many still think that it’s a joke. They head to sectionals, regionals and then nationals. Now that their 1st year is over they head to their second year. Then they head to their third but last year of school. They are still known for being losers. Until there last year, now they are known for greatness. They have finally won nationals. Now they are head to a new year with a new group of students. They head to Sectionals, Regionals and then Nationals until they all graduate. The original glee club members come back and leave throughout it all. The series Glee has many happy, sad, good relationships, bad relationships, babies and even death. Glee is a musical series that has a great backstory in it.

The author's comments:

This is actually one of my favorite series.

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