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Jenni Rivera: La Gran Senora
By , walkerville , MI
Jenni Rivera “La Misma Gran Senora” came out during 2012. for example “Ahora Resulta” “que ahora que no valgo nada para ti”she says “im nothing to you now”  “Basta Ya” “ ya no tenga remedio, mi camino sera un cementerio... (more »)
Starboy(album) by The Weeknd
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Starboy: A track by track review Starboy (featuring Daft Punk)- The album's much hyped title track just might be the standout of the whole album. The song's intro is perhaps it's grooviest moment, the staggering beat left alone to give the song... (more »)
Starboy (Song) by The Weeknd
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Review: 5/5 Released September 22, 2016, when I first heard it, I knew it was destined to be a smash; a runaway hit. It's a crossover masterpiece of R&B and Electro-Pop, a unique piece of music heaven. The chorus is simple, a Daft Punk... (more »)
I Feel It Coming by The Weeknd (Featuring Daft...
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Review: 4.5/5 I Feel It Coming, released November 18th, 2016, from highly anticipated Starboy, is simply magnificent. In this timely groove, The Weeknd's silky-smoothe voice is barely distinguishable from the man dubbed "King of Pop," Michael... (more »)
Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots
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This is an extraordinarily difficult album to write a review for. It is music that should not be judged or evaluated, just appreciated. Twenty One Pilots was born in Columbus, Ohio, originally consisting of Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas,  and... (more »)
GO:OD AM by Mac Miller
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Mac Miller; A Pittsburgh native, Musical inventor and a person who is far from perfect. He is also the creator of the album titled “GO:OD AM”. This album, along with any of the other music he has made would fall under the genre of rap and... (more »)
kinda by LANY
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Imagine yourself on a road trip with your friends, the sun is about to set and you’re by the ocean. This is what this album makes me feel like, calm and at peace even though the words of the song relates to my emotional state. They’re a... (more »)
Get Weird by Little Mix
By , Wilmington, DE
The Get Weird album by Little Mix is one of my favorite album since they’ve released it in 2015. Little Mix originated from England. This girl group was first appeared in the British version of the X Factor back in 2011. Which the girls won... (more »)
Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift
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When people think of Taylor Swift, they think of her newest songs and her current hip-hop image. However, “Never Grow Up” is buried deep underneath of all of the modern songs that Taylor performs. Falling into the country pop genre and... (more »)
The Sound of SIlence by Disturbed
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People turn to music when times get hard or even when times are happy. In light of the recent election, people need music more than ever. They don’t need songs about raunchy hookups or sweet romance; but, instead, they need songs that speak to... (more »)
Channel Orange by Frank Ocean
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Laid back and beautiful, Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange has a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to it. Every song has a pure beat blanketed in a rounded ‘70’s R&B sound that Ocean ties together with his smooth, emotional voice. Even... (more »)
Hamilton: An American Musical by Lin-Manuel... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Hamilton, the musical that won a total of eleven Tony awards, was produced by Lin-Manuel Miranda. It has an amazing script in addition to an excellent music album. Lin produced these songs with intent that the listeners would react differently.... (more »)
Flight Log: Turbulence by GOT7 This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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     GOT7 is a seven-membered South Korean boy group that debuted in January 2014 under JYP Entertainment. After a much anticipated comeback, they released their second full album on September 27, 2016 called Flight Log: Turbulence. It is the... (more »)
Born to Die by Lana Del Rey This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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   Through the rich, indie-rock pace of Born to Die, Lana Del Rey's icy, gauzy voice delicately twirls words into gripping lyrics between glorious samples of guitars and strings instruments. Her angelic voice makes the listener recline into... (more »)
Blurryface by twenty one pilots
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Tyler Joseph's voice lulls you into a state of tranquility, accompanied with quiet but soulful piano. This mesmerizing pairing makes you sigh, as you almost dream of cerise skies, painted with pinks and lavender. Suddenly, a burst of energy... (more »)
Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous...
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What would the world be like if we lived in a post apocalyptic comic book? My Chemical Romance answers that question with their album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. The recording acts as a pirate radio broadcast, complete... (more »)
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