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Impermanent Resonance(2013) by James LaBrie
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Believe it or not, this is progressive metal. It may be due to the fact that its James LaBrie of Dream Theater but that is one of the many reasons. This man has been working on his solo career since the late 90s with Mullmuzzer his original before... (more »)
The Odyssey(2002) by Symphony X
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Literally a year since I was born was the album`s release. Symphony X is a progressive power metal band from the grimy place known as New Jersey. They formed and released their debut into the early 90s with most, every album containing some sort... (more »)
If You're Reading This It's Too Late... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , McDonough, GA
Drake has done it again with his latest mixtape-turned-album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. A few solid new additions to his growing collection of top 40 hits grace the album, along with a good number of tracks dedicated to letting us... (more »)
Inflikted(2008) by Cavalera Conspiracy
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Formed by former Sepultura member Max Cavalera and his brother Igor. The dynamic Brazilian duo got two more members for the band from Igor`s project. Then Max learned death metal, made much heavier riffs and bam! You get Cavalera Conspiracy. Being... (more »)
From The Very Depths(2015) by Venom
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Cronos and the gang are back with this dusty, dirty, and overall, crusty album. Venom is an extreme thrash metal band out of the UK that one coined the term Black Metal with their second album and also was HIGHLY Satanic. This is a band you do not... (more »)
Agorok(1990) by Mike Oldfield
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Coming from the mastermind behind Tubular Bells, comes an album title you shouldn't confuse for Ragnarok. This hour long song/album is nothing but atmosphere, instrumentals and progressive rock in general. If you all DON'T know by now, I love... (more »)
Circle(2013) by Amorphis
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One of my favorite progressive metal bands of all time as well as Finnish metal bands. Amorphis is basically the Finnish Opeth except the fact that they have never had a song longer than ten minutes. Whatever, at least you people can easily handle... (more »)
Mirage by Camel
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The only band that comes close to Pink Floyd style. Camel is a band much like everyone except Rush, comes from the UK and was in the classic prog rock era of the 70s. Mirage is one of their most popular albums of all time, if not, the one. Mirage... (more »)
Origins(2014) by Eluveitie
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Released just last year, Origins likes to show off its true epicness, especially when compared to Helvetios. 16 tracks of absolute awesome all the way through including the anthem The Call of the Mountains. Now even though it may not have anything... (more »)
The Eminem Show(2001) by Eminem
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Woah, what's this? A rap album? Yes, yes it is. Now I'm not sure if you know but I actually could consider myself an Eminem fan. When it comes to rap his verses fit well with the background, are fast and evoke incredible lyricism that could range... (more »)
The Heart of Everything(2007) by Within Temptation
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Within Temptation may be a familiar name if you happen to just start out in the symphonic metal genre. While they are a but more on the mainstream side of symphonic metal, that doesn't mean they suck, quite the opposite to be honest. This album is... (more »)
Hand. Cannot. Erase.(2015) by Steven Wilson
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After the high praise he got from 2013s The Raven That Refused to Sing, he decided to get to work on this soothing, touching, and somewhat haunting experiance. Yes the Porcupine Tree God is back and ready for action. We all know Steven Wilson,... (more »)
Once Upon The Cross(1995) by Deicide
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This is going to be a doosy. Deicide, a death metal band hailing from Miami, Florida much like other bands such as Cannibal Corpse or Death. Only this time, they are antichristian so they can cause massive controversy. Though, even for you... (more »)
Moving Pictures(1981) by Rush
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Back to Rush, we have what is arguably their most successful and high rated album. This album has its reasons for being at the top of the Rush pedestal, like higher production value, more singles like Red Barchetta and Tom Sawyer, and its just a... (more »)
Enter The Grave(2007) by Evile
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The new wave of thrash metal has been kit or miss among the metal community. As for me, I would say that it is definitely work in favor because of the new generations that want to get into heavy metal like myself. Evile is a true example of this,... (more »)
Metropolis Part 2:Scenes From A Memory(1999) by...
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Its honestly been a while since my last Dream Theater album review. Well, now, we will be focusing on one of the most heartwrenching stories of all time. This story is about a man who falls asleep revisiting the past to when the love of his life... (more »)
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