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Delilah by Anderson East This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I’ll admit it – I first heard of Anderson East and his debut album Delilah released July of 2015 after reading an embarrassingly gossipy piece of journalism about his potential relationship with country music heavy-hitter Miranda Lambert in... (more »)
Blackstar by David Bowie This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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He was a man that never seemed the Earth. A gender bender. A game changer in the music industry. A mastermind of creativity. These can all describe the incomparable David Bowie. For decades he bedazzled audiences with his numerous songs and... (more »)
Hozier by Hozier This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Andrew Hozier-Byrne, usually known simply as Hozier, is an alternative/indie Irish singer who rose to stardom after the release of his debut single in 2013. “Take Me to Church” topped the charts in Europe for weeks and was ranked... (more »)
Handwritten by Shawn Mendes This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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Clapping, stomping, strumming guitar, and banging drums is what you hear on Shawn Mendes’s first album, “Handwritten.” Along with his smooth vocals, this album has it all. The style is unique, starting with a slow beat but... (more »)
Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
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After the neat, dreamy confection that was “Depression Cherry,” Beach House fans were suitably sated. The dream pop quota for 2015 had been adequately filled. But in an absolute blue moon of a music release, Beach House left fans... (more »)
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Codename X by Excision
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Excision is a Canadian electronic, primarily dubstep, producer that is known for bringing in the heavy drops of neuro dubstep. Having been around for awhile also helps although as this album would show, he has delved into other genres like... (more »)
Tonight, The Stars Revolt!(1999) by Powerman 5000
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Powerman 5000 is a childhood favorite of mine having discovered them from Super Monkey Ball compilations and thought that the song that played in one of the videos was cool and checked it out. These guys are a nu metal/industrial metal band and... (more »)
Periphery II(2012) by Periphery This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Ladies and Djentlemen, introducing to our world of Djent reviews, we the most dj0nting band to have ever dj0nted, Periphery! Periphery is a bunch of djentleman that come from the U.S. Originally, and I believe still, signed with Sumerian Records... (more »)
Screaming For Vengence by Judas Priest
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By now, Judas Priest should be far from new. Judas Priest is one of the many legends of the metal universe and I think that they still stand by it today as one of the greats. Although, not the best of the NWOBHM scene, that would be Iron Maiden... (more »)
Tempest by Lycus
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Lycus is a funeral doom or black doom metal band from Oakland, California, US. They have only two albums and a demo released as of now and I plan to review their newest album, Chasms, later on as well. Despite being a funeral doom metal band, they... (more »)
Brave New World(2000) by Iron Maiden
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You thought Seventh Son was a great album? I don't think you've seen enough yet. If Seventh Son of A Seventh Son was my favorite 80s Maiden album, then this is probably my favorite ever from Iron Maiden. They have truly started evolving since the... (more »)
The Sound of Perseverance(1998) by Death
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Death is one of the most legendary metal bands in the world. As one of the first death metal bands to unfold, the people of Orlando, Florida have had some time for extreme music. Unfortunately, their frontman, Chuck Shuldener(or however you spell... (more »)
This Is Darkness by Dissimulator
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I would like to start out by saying that not only would I recommend you check out the band that we'll be talking about, but also the frontman and main force behind it all, Jared Dines. Dissimulator is a Christian Deathcore band coming from the... (more »)
The Death of Shadows by Algos
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Algos(pronounced Al - Hose) is melodic death metal solo project from the Netherlands. Although it is melodic death metal, this man does incorporate some doom metal and progressive metal influences as well as he has influences even for Opeth,... (more »)
025 - Threshold(2015) by Various Artists
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Back to Monstercat territory we have currently their most recent mix. I really shouldn't have to give this company, or family depending on your preference, too much introduction. I will have to say that this is a great way to have ended off 2015... (more »)
Viscera EP by Haunting Shores
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Haunting Shores is an American progressive metal formed as a side project from the djent/progressive metalcore band, Periphery. Unlike Periphery however, it's more fast paced, epic and less djent-y. In fact, they seem to combine all forms of... (more »)
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