October 27, 2017
By NoelleD BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
NoelleD BRONZE, Wyckoff, New Jersey
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“17- My collection of nightmares, thoughts, and real life situations I've lived. 17 is the number tattooed on the right side of my head- my own personal number. Soon to be explained in future interviews or instances. By listening to this album, you are literally, and I cannot stress this enough, literally entering my mind. And if you are not willing to accept my emotion and hear my words fully, do not listen. I do not value your money, I value your acceptance and loyalty. Here is my pain and thoughts put into words. I put my all into this, in the hopes that it will help cure or at least numb your depression. I love you. Thank you for listening. Enjoy”

This was “The Explanation," a spoken intro to XXXTentacion’s latest album 17. He explains that this album expresses his true pain and does not want anyone to listen if they are unwilling to accept this emotion. His album then goes on to do just that, showing his true pain poured out over beats. With songs such as “Depression and Obsession,” “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares,” “Dead Inside,” and many more, it is clear to see how he truly feels inside. Just from the titles of these songs it is evident that XXXTentacion is suffering from depression and as he mentioned in “The Explanation,” he released this to help others who are dealing with similar issues. Perhaps that is why it has gained so much popularity. Many teens suffer from depression and often feel alone in the world, but this album gives them something to relate to and realize they are not alone. Even those who are not facing depression can still enjoy this album because it has a little something for everyone. Although XXXTentacion includes a lot of rap verses that assimilate to his usual style of music, he also introduces singing verses in majority of the album’s tracks. This most definetly helps 17 appeal to a wider audience. Besides, everyone has bad days, and this album provides teens with music they can cry to when they are feeling down, as well as songs they can get “hyped” to when they are excited. While the album provides music for any audience, we can not ignore the fact that this was not just another album released for the enjoyment of the public, but rather an artist expressing his deepest thoughts and feelings.

When listening to this album, you naturally want to feel bad for XXXTentaction because he is clearly facing extreme depression. However, it is nearly impossible to feel even an ounce of sympathy for him if you know even a little bit about who he is as a person. He should not be someone teens are looking up to. XXXTentacion was only recently released from jail after beating his pregnant girlfriend. She was beaten until both her eyes were swollen shut. He was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering. However since his release from jail all he has done is joke about the situation. Recording himself say, “Everybody that called me a domestic abuser, I’m finna domestically abuse y’all.” All he has done is make jokes about a very serious topic. It was not just the one attack while she was pregnant, the ex-girlfriend claims she had been abused multiple times throughout their relationship. This should not be someone teenage girls or anyone should be looking up to in anyway. He is a violent man which is even expressed throughout his song “Look at Me,” yet that has been on the top charts for weeks. Teens should start to learn the meaning behind the songs they are constantly singing, rather than surrounding themselves with music that contains such negativity that can affect them without them even knowing.

XXXTentacion produces great music which can even provide help for many teens, and his album 17 is a must-listen. However, teens should not be looking up to or idolizing him in any way. XXXTentacion has explained that he wants his fans complete loyalty, he wants them to support him and everything he does. Because of this, no one should be calling themselves a fan of XXXTentacion. You can be a fan of his music, but no one should be a fan of the person behind it.

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This is a review on XXXTentacion's latest album as well as a review on who he is as a person.

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