Malibu by Miley Cyrus

May 16, 2017
By charlottedwyer BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
charlottedwyer BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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Miley Cyrus is notorious for twerking however her new song shows a sentimental side of her. Malibu is an upbeat love song, perfect for summer. It combines heartfelt lyrics such as, "sometimes I feel like I'm downing and you're there to save me and now I wanna thank you with all of my heart" with a fun and cheery sound. Many have said that this song lacks meaning however I believe the opposite. This song simply is Miley thanking her fiance for all that he has done for her since they have been together. Miley essentially tells the world that Liam, her fiance, is her savior and hero in this song. I personally believe that this song is a nice way for Miley to start off her new era. I highly recommend this song and I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars. 

The author's comments:

From this review I hope people will actually give Miley a chance and actually listen to her song. If you truly listen to the lyrics, you can see that it posseses a lot of meaning and love. I have been a fan of Miley Cyrus since her Hannah Montana days and I find it enjoyable to watch her return back to her sntinemntal side. 

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