Blurryface by twenty one pilots

November 5, 2016
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Tyler Joseph's voice lulls you into a state of tranquility, accompanied with quiet but soulful piano. This mesmerizing pairing makes you sigh, as you almost dream of cerise skies, painted with pinks and lavender. Suddenly, a burst of energy spirals out of your speakers, making you wide awake. twenty one pilots' album Blurryface has just this effect on listeners.

Blurryface, twenty one pilots' newest album, is different from the rest. The songs are more upbeat, showing the lead singer's progression in mood. For example, Twenty One Pilots by twenty one pilots (or Self-Titled) is the first official album of this alternative band that is unlike any other. The group had a different drummer back then, Chris Salih, but now consists of Tyler Joseph (keyboardist,bassist, lead singer, etc.) and Josh Dun (drummer). Twenty One Pilots was written during one of Tyler Joseph's darkest times, his depression influencing the lyrics and music. Throughout the many albums the duo has released, however, the mood seemed to lighten. Although far from happy, Blurryface shows how far Joseph has come in his life.

But why is it called Blurryface? The whole album has to do with a dark character named Blurryface, parts of Tyler's alter ego mixed into a chaotic cacophony. In “Twenty One Pilots: Who Is Blurryface?" (Rocket Music Collective) by Kevin Pan, it states: "In short, Blurryface is the opposite of lead singer Tyler Joseph. Blurryface would be Hyde if Tyler was Dr. Jekyll. Blurryface has been described not as an actual physical character but rather as an intangible character living inside of Tyler." In the songs Joseph fights against Blurryface, trying to free himself of his venomous grasp. All of the songs on this phenomenal album show the progression of Tyler's opposition of Blurryface, or as some may call his "depression." In an interview with Billboard, Joseph said: “Blurryface is this character that I came up with that represents a certain level of insecurity...These symbols and having a narrative give people a reason to want to take in the whole album -- not just one song." Joseph writes about his own insecurities, making this album personal and special to him.

Probably one of this musical duo’s most famous songs, "Stressed Out," is so amazing in that it relates to everyone. Accompanied with rapping and Joseph’s unique singing style, “Stressed Out” will leave you begging for more of his beautiful voice. This somewhat calm song compared to the rest on the album includes many lyrics that young and old find themselves singing along to. "Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days/When our momma sang us to sleep but now we're stressed out." Many connect to this lyric, as they experience stress and want to go back to when they were younger, when they could relax and not face the problems they have today. This relation between “Stressed Out” and people’s beliefs as well as their lives makes for an incredible aspect of this unique song.

Another one of the songs special to Joseph from Blurryface is called "Heavydirtysoul." This song starts out with a hip-hop beat for the verses with rapping as well. The chorus is different, since it has more of an indie pop vibe. One of the most renowned lines from this song is "Death inspires me like a dog inspires a rabbit." If you analyze this further you will discover a hidden notion. With this lyric, Tyler Joseph tries to convey that death inspires him to keep on living. Just like a dog inspires a rabbit to live by making it run for its life when chasing it, death motivates the singer by making him want to go on.

"Doubt", with its electronic, dark music, makes listeners question everything. One lyric from this meaningful song is: "I want the markings made on my skin / To mean something to me again." This can be an indicator of self-harm, helplessness, and of course, doubt. It is all about Joseph speaking to someone, saying how even when he doesn't believe in or trust them, he still needs them to move forward and to live. An interpretation of this beautiful and catchy song is Joseph speaking to Blurryface. He could be saying that even though he does not like Blurryface, he needs him to help inspire him and write his songs.

"Tear in My Heart" is an upbeat, catchy song, with effervescent music. Different than the aforementioned, the lyrics talk about Joseph's love for his wife, Jenna, and how she tries to get rid of Blurryface by forcing him out of her husband, shown in the music video for said song. In Rocket Music Collective by Kevin Pan it says "Although it seems very violent, the visuals are actually trying to portray Jenna literally beating Blurryface out of Tyler." This song truly moves many, while others can relate on a personal basis.

Debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's Top 200 chart, it's no wonder Blurryface is an album that many adore. Whether it's the deep and personal lyrics, the beautiful sound of Tyler Joseph's voice, or the hypnotizing music accompanied with Josh Dun's drumming, this album has something anyone can enjoy. It is truly a work of art, capturing the personal struggles many face. Blurryface delivers its message loud and clear: keep fighting.

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