Growth by O.C.D.

September 30, 2016
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         When you hear the title O.C.D. the first thing that pops into your mind is the disorder, but a new emerging band with this same title has recently released their first album and music video. The five young men who make up the band all live in Oakland, California and perform locally while also traveling down the coast to play at popular hangouts. Their new album titled, “Growth” is made up of songs that personally relate to themselves and how they have all grown. Their experiences all led up to this first album and it is clearly shown through their songs. As I listened to the first song, which were first released without any editing on them, I knew they had so much potential and I couldn't wait to hear the final product. When they finally came out with all of the final edits of the songs, such as All The Things I Know and Fall I could hear all the personal feelings put into making this album. The one music video that they came out with is for their song Best Friend and it totally makes sense in the context of the band and who makes up the band. The whole music video is filmed off of an iPhone and captures the exciting music filled life that all of those young men live in. Anthony Felix, the base player, grew up in Long Beach and is finally getting to live out his life with his friends doing what he loves and I think the music they play in their very first album perfectly connects to their lifestyle and growth as a band. I Don't Despise You is an example of them saying that they grew out of their old selves yet they don't feel hate for how they used to be but they are happy that they have built up from where they once were. Overall, I think this a great first album for this young band and I can't wait to hear more from them.

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