Sorry by Justin Bieber

July 31, 2016

Justin Bieber's song "Sorry" is known and very popular. And while the beat and the music sounds good, the lyrics make me wonder if that is really his thinking or the song writer's thinking. What I do know is that an artist or group must approve of a song before they sing it. The song talks about him making a bunch of mistakes and never actually saying sorry for those mistakes until he loses a girl. That's when he decides to feel bad because he lost her body. Even though he says the words "I'm missing more then just your body", I don't think that's the case, considering his past. And if he has to actually lose the girl in order to realize that he did something "maybe a couple hundred times", then I don't think he's really sorry because then he would have stopped after the first time. I think this song says a lot about how some guys think (not all, but some) and I don't agree with it. I think it just shows how those types of guys disrespect women and use them just for their body. And I want every girl to know that if you accept his apology, you're letting him disrespect you. Don't let him disrespect you.

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