Country Music Question and Answer

February 25, 2009
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1: What is a common stereotype about country music, and is it true?

2: Why is country music so sad?

3: What's the longest running music awards show?

4: How long has the CMA's been running?

5: Who has won the most awards at the CMA's?

6: Who has the most nominations at the CMA's?

7: Who is the number one top selling country artist?

8: What kind of person would enjoy listening to country music?

9: Is it true that a country singer started sagging?

1. One stereo type is that country music fans are uneducated, and it's completely false.
2. That's just another stereotype; country often sings of having a good time.
3. The Country Music Awards (CMA's)
4. 42 years
5. George Strait
6. Garth Brooks
7. Garth Brooks again. He's also the number-one selling music artist of all team, topping even The Beatles.
8. Someone who enjoys understandable, down to earth lyrics and great guitar parts.
9. Yes, his name was String Bean. He was so tall that they didn't make clothes big enough for him so he'd buy the biggest he could find and then sag.

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Lilly said...
Mar. 13, 2009 at 7:41 pm
Thats really cool I like this Quize!!!
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