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February 26, 2009
By shana shaffer` BRONZE, Rochester, New York
shana shaffer` BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Going in to my teen years, I was going through an obsession stage with the singer Omarion.
I used to know all his songs by heart and met a lot of friends that were also “Big fans”. Omarion was the “King” of hip hop, r&b and my favorite artist.
I used to have his CD, a lot of his posters, and every magazine about him. I was an Omarion Fanatic!!!
But now that I’m older I pretty much grew out of that obsessive stage and started to like other music and a lot of different artists. But also now that I’m older, I notice how Omarion’s not doing it big anymore. Not just because I’m no longer a huge fan, but also because he’s not really out no more. No latest music out by him, no late news stories, and its like he disappeared.

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