February 25, 2009
By Tayyy:) BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
Tayyy:) BRONZE, Charlestown, Indiana
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1. which is NOT a genre?
a. pop
b. gosple
c. crushed
d. country

2. Which genre refers to a religious music?
a. jazz
b. disco
c. gosple
d. latin

Pop musi is flexible because it can include rock, hip hop, dance, and country.

4. Country music is based on the style of music of the Southern United States.

5. A genre is a term that desribes the process of dividing populsr music into catagories.

6. Rythmn and blues are also known as jazz.

7. Rock music is broad, it has no bounderies.

8. Rythmn and blues is combined with jazz, gospel, and blues.

9. Which genre is mainly played on string instruments?
a. country
b. gospel
c. jazz
d. rock

10. Which music genre is a popular music form from classical music and fold music?
a. pop
b. gospel
c. rock
d. country

1. crushed
2. gospel
3. true
4. true
5. true
6. false
7. true
8. true
9. country
10. pop

The author's comments:
This is a short Music Quiz, and I would really appreciate anyone with knowledge on this topic to help me out with anymore questions, or anything that needs to be fixed. Thank you!

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