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   When the term "heavy metal" enters my mind, the words that I think of are Gun, Rose, Motley Crue, Skid and Row. Now none of these guys are too feminine. That's why"Vixen" sparked my interest.

While "Edge of a Broken Heart" didn't have the same proficiency that "Axl & Co." does, it was one of the better metal/hard rock songs. By the time I finished listening to this album, however, my feelings had changed.

The main problems with the album are it doesn't have enough variety, it's really not very well done, and the music is weak.

Vixen fails to deliver with the same force as the better male bands. Janet Gardner is a good singer, and Roxy Petrucci is a good drummer. Share Pederson is okay at the bass, but not great. And Jan Keuhnemund is a better guitarist than I am, but she doesn't reach the standards of today's metal guitarists. If you're expecting a rock album, and you want to hear a girl group, this album wants you. HH 1/2

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i love this so much!


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