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   Shelleyan Orphan's first album opens with a bang. "Shatter" comes in with upbeat horns, while some nonsense lyrics fit well with the saxophone solos. "Century Flower" could be classified under "alternative" music, but this group produces sounds unlike any other band today or in the past.

S.O. has anything but a high profile. They did open for The Cure during their recent Prayer Tour. That, hopefully, brought them some recognition, because this is a band not to be missed.

The ensemble includes oboe, viola, cello, accordion and french horn. These are classical instruments used in a non-conventional way. The instruments are almost always discordant, but this works well with the lead singer's high voice. Her shrieking noises are fantastic, as on "Timeblind" and "Self."

There are a few nice duets on the record. Flute and violin solos complement the two voices in "Summer Flies." "Amanita Muscaria" is majestic, wordless, and odd. The many instruments tangle and melt together, with a steady beat in the background.

"Century Flower" has a melancholy, sad feeling while also being filled with passion. Shelleyan Orphan is quite extraordinary, and not for every day. Then again, this is not an everyday album.

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i love this so much!

Gossamer said...
on Apr. 2 2009 at 9:30 pm
Gossamer, North Hill, Other
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Ha ha! I've never heard of them before, so I just looked up Shatter. Couldn't understand half of what she was saying but it was so, you know, exuberant! And chaotic and multilateral and positively mouth-watering music. Thanks a ton for spreading the word!


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