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   Squeeze has been on the rock An roll scene for about 15 years, and admittedly, their older music, especially the "Single" album, is nearest and dearest to my heart. However, a couple months ago, the band emerged with a new album, "Frank."

This recording combines the group's inevitably energetic and catchy guitar and piano melodies with often humorous lyrics; most of the songs are all-too- realistic ballads of love and the "ups and downs" of relationships. Yet unlike Squeeze's more classic albums, or even their formerly most recent attempt, "Babylon And On," "Frank" mixes their traditional sound with a touch of jazz. "Slaughtered Gutted and Heartbroken" and "Dr. Jazz" are two examples of Squeeze's newfound musical interest.

During their concert at the Orpheum on November 29, Squeeze played some of their new songs as well as many of their much-loved old ones, and performed with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm. Squeeze has been around for a while, but they still display an energy in their music which is apparent in their new album.

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