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   When most people hear the name Living Colour, they usually think of Fox's new television series "In Living Colour." But, before Fox stole the name, the title Living Colour was associated with the hard rock band who had such hits as "Cult of Personality" and "Glamour Boys" (from their 1988 debut album "Vivid"). Now Living Colour, the band, is back with their second album "Time's Up."

"Time's Up" is a classic heavy metal album with riveting guitar solos by Vernon Reid and soaring vocals by Corey Glover. But unlike many of their metal counterparts, Living Colour stays away from the clich"-filled songs about love that seem to dominate today's Top 40 heavy metal bands. Instead, Living Colour focuses on more serious issues. On "Time's Up" the band sings about AIDS ("Undercover of Darkness"), apartheid ("Solace of You") and the environment ("Time's Up"). They also tackle the issue of Elvis worshipping in America with the humorous song "Elvis is Dead," which is sure to offend many Elvis fans.

With "Time's Up," Living Colour has made its mark as a band that rocks hard and speaks its mind. And even though their music may not be revolutionary, their style certainly is. "Time's Up" is heavy metal with a brain. n

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