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   They're back and they're better than ever before. The band? AC/DC. Their latest album, "The Razor's Edge," is in record stores everywhere and it's sure to be a big hit. Former drummer Simon Wright has been replaced by the not-so-hairy Chris Slade. His powerful beat-keeping thunders through energetic tunes like "Fire Your Guns" and "Are You Ready." Bassist Cliff Williams' steady bass melodies pack some punch into AC/DC's classic trademark theme songs like "Thunderstruck" (the MTV hit) and "Moneytalks."

The Scottish singer Brian Johnson continues to be one of the most soulful screamers in the hard rock/heavy metal scene today, even though his howl has dwindled down to somewhat of a raspy gurgle. Rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young never ceases to strum out his harmonic chord accompaniments, but all eyes are on his brother, the great Angus Young, who continues to be the best in the business. It just wouldn't be the same without his bluesy lead guitar riffs and power chord sequences. He really proves himself on songs like "The Razor's Edge" and "Mistress for Christmas," where his guitar takes over. It's a dirty dozen, no ballads, no compromises, so fasten your seatbelts and take a ride across "The Razor's Edge."

Note: If you ever get a chance to see AC/DC in concert, take it. I saw them recently at the Worcester Centrum. Angus's comical stage antics and some incredible props and lighting effects made it one of the greatest live shows

I've ever seen. n

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