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   Not too long ago, a Boston based band called Extreme and a New York based band named Danger Danger played at Clubland in Worcester and I was lucky enough to go! This was one of the best concerts I have seen. Danger Danger opened with hard rockin' tunes such as "Naughty, Naughty" and "Live it Up." Slowing it down a bit, lead singer Ted Poley sang a touching ballad, "One Step From Paradise," which made the girls go crazy. Not only did they play songs from their debut album, but they also played songs that have not yet been released.

They are definitely a thumbs up!

From the moment Extreme touched the stage till the end of their performance, the screams were never-ending. This band is a definite crowd pleaser. Nuno Bettencourt's fast-fingered, original guitar solos were awe-inspiring. Usually guitar solos are too long and not that exciting, but his were not. Also Paul Geary's drum solo was very funky.

This concert didn't have Pat Badger do his bass solo, but at a previous concert I saw he did his fretless bass solo which was fantastic. Gary Cherone's voice was in tip-top shape from the faster paced song, "Kid Ego," to the beautiful ballad called "Song for Love." After this concert, everybody wanted more, people were yelling and singing for hours.

The best part was that afterwards, members from both bands signed autographs and took pictures with their fans. Not only are they the nicest guys in the world, they are also very down-to-earth. This concert is a definite must if they come back, which they undoubtedly will. n

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