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   In the past few years the rap scene has been constantly played out, but Warren G. has come out with a fresh and original new style that is sure to appease rap and hip-hop fans alike. It would seem only natural since Warren G. is the younger brother of former N.W.A. member, and now solo artist, Dr. Dre. Warren G originally hooked up with Dre for the double-platinum hit soundtrack "Above the Rim," where he and long-time friend Nate Dogg (who is controversial rapper Snoop Dog's cousin) collaborated for the success of "Regulate."

"Regulate" exploded, selling well in excess of a million and a half copies, and has helped to spawn "Regulate ... G Funk Era," which entered the charts at #2, below only the new Stone Temple Pilots album. Following the success of the album, another hit single was released, entitled "This DJ." It instantly followed the success of "Regulate" and has already busted the top 10. "Regulate" and "This DJ" have been able to break down barriers that confront the "gangsta" rap scene. Both songs were able to hit urban and top 40 stations with ease.

Warren G may seem to many people like another West Coast rapper talking about life as a gangsta, drive by shoot-outs, and a typical day in downtown L.A., South Central, or Compton. But Warren easily sheds that image with his somewhat hard-core rhymes that are fleshed out with a funked-down twist. So if you want to catch onto the ever-growing era of funk, "Regulate ... G Funk Era" is by far the best ticket. .

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