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   People always say, "Madonna is out," but after listening to her latest album, "Bedtime Stories," no one can deny that Madonna still has the power and talent that she had when she had her first hit single, "Holiday," in 1983.

She certainly does not downplay her lyrics or hide her feelings. Consider how her open-minded attitude displayed in television and in the media, even in a book, has shocked people from entire governments to her own father!

The album folder is cute, showing pictures of Madonna with her new nose ring and her root-free blonde hair. It is produced by Ms. Ciccone herself, and her self-owned recording company, Maverick. Inside are eleven tracks, totally different from any other Madonna album, and totally opposite from her first three bubble-gum kind of pop albums.

No small child would enjoy this album. The lyrics are mature, not sexual, just very mature. Some of the meanings of the lyrics are evident. "Inside of Me" (which anyone who knows Madonna may make an easy assumption of what the song is abou) is actually about a friend that she has lost and is thinking about. With lyrics like "In the public I act like I don't care, when there's no one watching me, I'm crying," can make any Madonna fan wonder if that ever-so-present smile is really just a mask of loneliness.

"Love Tried to Welcome Me" is a pessimistic song about her heart being a lonely hunter and how instead of spring, it is always winter. "Sanctuary," on the other hand, is a creepy song, as she sings about rain being better than sun, tears being better than smiles, the ground being open wide, and where she wants to be buried. From that description, you can understand why I call it creepy.

In her last track, "Take a Bow," you can wonder if Madonna is singing about herself. It is a sad song about a performer who speaks her lines, makes people laugh, but does not enjoy herself, and feels lonely once the curtain has fallen and no one is around. All written by Madonna, these songs represent a side of Madonna not known to all. You can like or hate her, but either way, you would enjoy this album because it is 100% of what Madonna is: she sings what she feels and is not afraid of what others have to say. She is no one-hit wonder, and anyone who tries to say she's "out" should listen to this album, and maybe learn something because "Bedtime Stories" would make any conservative become a little more open-minded. .

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