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   "Post" is the follow-up to "Debut," the first solo album of Bjork, the former lead singer of the Sugarcubes. "Post" is an album full of melodic, intense ballads that only Bjork can produce.

Bjork's voice is strong and cherubic and has an intensity no one can match. This intensity is shown in tracks like "Hyper-Ballad" and "Possibly Maybe." Other songs of equal intensity of include "It's Oh So Quiet," a song about falling love, "Isobel," about a girl living alone, "I Miss You," a song about meeting the man of her dreams, and "Enjoy," a song about a meaningless sexual experience.

Bjork's voice definitely separates her from the long list of other female artists because of her Icelandic accent. If you're sick of the average female singers you can't tell apart, Bjork's "Post" is the album for you. It's sure to remain a classic in my music library along with "Debut." .

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i love this so much!

on Mar. 5 2012 at 11:28 pm
i love Bjork! :D i really like the song Hyper- Ballad, she has a very good voice and i really enjoy the lyrics from this song!


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