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   This alternative band from Rhode Island has hit it big with "King," their second CD. All-around wonderful, this recording has a great variety with something to satisfy all. From their upbeat, fast-paced singles to the calm, relaxing tracks, a great variety turns "King" into a winner. Thoughtout, powerful lyrics overcome the strong, patterned inconsistency with the guitars and percussion. Both vocalists (Tanya Donelly and Gail Greenwood) have beautiful voices of wide ranges.

All the songs on "King" have a common sound, each manages to capture this unity and still stand on its own. Some are moving, some are fun, as they all convey different moods and emotions. It's hard to pick favorites.

With this CD in the stereo, it's just as rewarding to press play as it is to pick out singles from memory. "Puberty" is energetic and upbeat. "Seal my Fate" is slow and comforting (my favorite), as is "The Bees." The title track is fast and provoking. I'm sure everyone will end up choosing a different combination of favorites.

This CD has become my favorite. I play it anytime and be content. It has songs for when you're depressed, songs for when you're thrilled, and songs to sing along to. I bought "King" for "Superconnected" and "Now They'll Sleep," but it's the other songs that are the real highlights on this alternative masterpiece

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i love this so much!


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