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   Oasis: you either love their happy pop or you hate their British guts. I certainly don't hate them, especially since their new album came out. The CD "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" is only a partial eclipse of the gold album, "Definitely Maybe." While "Story" may be different, it is only so in positive ways, as Oasis are now more seasoned in their songwriting and performing. The rambunctious party atmosphere of "Definitely Maybe" is not gone, but now shares the spotlight with brilliant ballads like the epic "Champagne Supernova."

The album opens cheerily, which should be expected from this wild five-piece group. The first two songs, "Hello" and "Roll With It," are both vintage Oasis tunes, with catchy riffs and unequaled lyrics. It also contains slower ballads with bits of acoustic rock; the first album never had songs like A"Wonderwall" and "Don't Look Back in Anger." But does this album have hits , songs that people will love and remember? "Some Might Say" spent four weeks on top of the British charts, a place where rock songs are not usually found. Also, the catchy, energetic A"Morning Glory'" made a showing on modern rock stations in America.

If you want the best British style rock to come along in the '90s, look no further than the quintessential quintet Oasis. Their new CD makes their critics look like fools, and all the people who called them a one-hit-wonder will be eating their words when they hear of Oasis' success. "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" proves that Oasis is not one quick flash of greatness, but a budding talent in the world of rock

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