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   The music on Kenny G's CD "Breathless" is not very common. As a matter of fact, many teens do not listen to it because only two of the 14 songs have lyrics. What it lacks in words, it more than makes up for in the instrumental quality. For those who can get beyond this lack of no words, this is a great CD.

"Breathless" features the unique soprano saxophone. The sound of this instrument is wonderful when played by a musician as great as Kenny G. The songs on this CD feature relaxing harmonies and melodies. I find that this music is great for just listenng and letting my mind wander as opposed to the music I usually listen to, which makes me concentrate more on the words.

Although "Forever in Love" is the only really publicized song, the rest are just as good. I think that a lot of teens would actualy like this all-instrumental music if they gave it a chance. I definitely give Kenny G two thumbs up

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i love this so much!


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