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   Don't let the wild name from this LA-based group deceive you. Their debut self-titled release by Columbia Records is full of catchy tunes and beats. The name is not the only unique thing about the band C the instruments they play are also different. The frontman, Chris Ballew, plays the two-string basitar (a two-string bass). Dave Dederer plays a three-string guitbass (a three-string guitar). Drummer Jason Fins plays a normal set of drums, but limits his use of the bass drum. Their sound has a rather odd mix of the Sonic Youth mixed with wild lyrics from the likes of Primus. If you're into either of these groups, you'll love this album.

This seemingly carefree trio sings songs of their love for fruit ("Peaches"), strange insects ("Boll Weevil"), and just overall goofy songs about nothing ("Kick Out the Jams"). In their first single, "Lump," they sing about a girl they can't stop thinking about. "IS this lump out of my head?/I think so." It's one song you can't help singing along with. In their latest single, "Peaches," they sing of their love of peaches with rather catchy lyrics: "Peaches come from a can/they were put there by a man/in factory downtown." Other high points on the album are "Feather Pluckn," and "We are not going to make it."

This CD quickly became one of my favorites. The songs make you want to get up and sing along. So, if you're open-minded about music, do yourself a favor and buy the debut release of The Presidents of the United States of America

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i love this so much!


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