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   A small Florida-based band has slowly been growing in popularity for the past two years. With an amazing debut album "Portrait of an American Family," they have been touring the country either with Nine Inch Nails or Danzig, or on their own tour. Last October, we were blessed with another release from this underground band, "Smells Like Children." As a single for the new song "Dopehat," the EP "Smells Like Children" has some great remixes of songs from "Portrait,"( like "Cake" and "Organ Grinder"). "Dance of the Dopehat" and "Diary of a Dope Fiend" demand attention with the stunning metamorphosis they go through for the album version of "Dopehat" to the new CD.

I can't guess why, maybe it was a guilt trip that forced them to do it, but "Children"'s three new songs are unavailable anywhere else, like "I Put a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay Hawkins and "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. So, if you haven't heard any Marilyn Manson, check out the CD, or call and request it on a rock/alternative radio station. Marilyn Manson has a hard edge and drilling lyrics that will leave you in a trance, wondering how the Reverend Marilyn Manson could peel away the layers of this society and turn them into melodic poems that stick in your head for days. There is a small following for this awe-inspiring band, only because of the lack of publicity. With more talent than the big alternative bands of today, they don't have half the following that they deserve. Open your minds and fuel your curiosity to the new acts to cross the scene. This band deserves more recognition than just a flash in the pan that we call good music.

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