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   The evolution of hip-hop music into a greater art form will never occur if the artists and their producers themselves don't grow as individuals. Outkast and their producers, Organized Noize, understand that without growth, audiences mature beyond the artists. Their sophomore release, "ATLiens," represents a big change in faith, philosophy, and deed for the Atlanta duo. As the album title suggests, Big Boi and Dre have gone out of this world into a new dimension of sight, sound, and mind.

While Big Boi speaks of embracing the responsibilities of manhood on cuts like "Dacatur Psalm," Dre, like a disciple cleansing himself in baptismal water, gives voice to personal spiritual rejuvenation and renunciation of his former worldly ways on songs like "Babylon," "E.T.," and "Millennium." Outkast transcends by descending neighborhood scenery, leaving the audience to expand its imagination. "ATLiens" is socially responsible, spiritual, and street all at the same time. Almost like in the Twilight Zone, or the Million Man March, or at a southern Baptist revival, "ATLiens" embodies the power and the spirit of black music. When the offering plate begins to make its rounds, your undivided attention is the only payment required

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