Skank – "Siderado" MAG

By Lucas de Affonseca, Wilmington, DE

For the last decade, Skank has topped the charts with its mixture of Brazilian samba, ska, and pop. “Siderado” was their greatest album, and even though it came out in 1998, many still enjoy it. This album never disappoints me.

This band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, formed in 1991 and very quickly started playing shows in São Paulo. Skank was a hit from the start, and during their 17 years together they sold 5.5 million albums.

The drums, keyboard, guitar, and trumpet unite to make the biggest hit on the album, “Siderado.” The combination of sounds and lyrics outdoes the rest, but listening to any of the songs will make you want to sing and dance.

The album is very diverse, so regardless of your mood, you can listen to it. For example, one great slow song is “Resposta.” Or if you’re in the mood for an exciting song, there’s “Saideira.” Skank is known for their unique sound because they mix so many different styles. “Siderado” combines pop, rock, ska, and samba to make an amazing sound that no ear can resist.

I think the album is amazing, but many people don’t appreciate music like Skank’s. If you like samba and Latin music then you can relate to how good it feels to dance to good music. The lyrics can be beautiful and meaningful if you take the time to listen. On some songs Skank is repetitive, but there is still a catchy ring to the music that makes you want to listen on and on.

“Siderado” is undoubtedly one of the greatest Brazilian albums of all time. In my opinion it ranks number one because it is so different from other music. I believe Skank is a gift to the music world.

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