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   Although the Stone Temple Pilots had a more than promising future, the band recently went their separate ways. Steve Weiland, the lead singer, left the band to pursue an acting career. The rest of the band found a new singer, and named the new group Talk Show. They have already hit the charts with their first hit single "Hello, Hello."

"Core" was not only the group's debut album, but was also easily the greatest album they ever produced. This album captures all the great aspects of an excellent rock 'n' roll album. It consists of plain hard rock, alternative, and even a mellow approach. Without a doubt, the most popular song was track number nine entitled "Plush." This song became so popular that it was featured on the MTV published album entitled "Buzz Bin" Volume 1.

Like most CDs on the market, "Core" does not have a flawless run-through. A number of songs, or "fill ins," have no real quality or are repetitious. Some of these songs include "No Memory" and "Where the River Goes." "No Memory" should be entitled "No Meaning," because it takes up a couple minutes with a monotonous guitar rhythm and no lyrics. "Where the River Goes" would have been a good song except it was too long due to repeated verses.

Additional cuts that stand out include "Wicked Garden," "Dead and Bloated," and "Creep." "Creep" has a slower beat, but not to steer you wrong, it is spectacular. The other two are cutting-edge hard rock. Every song on this album is not outstanding, but the six or seven songs that are, are well worth the money. .

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