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   The long-awaited release of Snoop Doggy Dogg's second album, "Doggfather," is Snoop's second bass jumping record. There has been great controversy over his producer at his record company, Death Row. Also, Snoop's colleague and best friend, 2Pac Shakur, was shot and killed. Snoop hasn't let any of this get in the way of his career. Because he has gone through a lot of difficult things, Snoop has mellowed out a bit in this 21-song medium-paced album. He still raps about life on the streets, but he also throws in a lot of education for the children. He wants the children of the future to make a difference.

Snoop had some help making this album. Many of the songs include rapping from such people as Nate Dogg, Warren G, the Dogg Pound, and Suppafly. Snoop has been suspected in a few murder investigations. He starts his second chart-topping album off with an intro about all the publicity. He then talks about how the investigators were wrong. Snoop continues with one song that got me hooked "Snoop's Upside Ya' Head." The beat is the best on the CD and it took me back to the old school rapping. Another favorite is the song entitled, "Vapors," which talks about his years growing up and about his friends. There is great variety and differences throughout the CD, which are all good.

Although the CD has a Parental Advisory label, there is not a tremendous amount of bad-mouthing, like in others. And also, there is little mention of Snoop's archrivals at Bad Boy Entertainment.

The question that many people wondered was whether Snoop Doggy Dogg could create another top-selling album like his first. Snoop has answered this question, as well as many others. Yes, he did create another great record. Some of the songs are fast-paced, while others are slower, but just as well-written. But, you don't have to take my word for it, go to your local CD marketer, and pick up a copy. You truly won't be disappointed

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