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   311 is a positive, upbeat group that began in Omaha, Nebraskain 1990. Since then, they have produced eight albums. They arealso featured on three other CDs: "Burning London: TheClash Tribute," "Hempilation: Freedom isNORML," and the soundtrack to "National Lampoon'sSenior Trip."

Over the years 311 has gained fansfrom all around the United States. Although 1995 was a bigyear for the band, 1996 was probably their biggest. Videos for"Down" and "All Mixed Up" went into heavyrotation on MTV. Their self-titled CD also peaked at number 12on the Billboard 200 album chart and in December 1996 it wascertified double-platinum.

The album"Transistor" was released in 1997. Although itwasn't as big as their last CD, true fans liked the more laid-back music.

To hold fans during the long wait for anew album, an e-mail list has been created for anyone to typewhat they have to say about the band. Fans talk about what thenew CD will bring, any questions they have about the band, andreport any interesting information they have about311.

About two weeks ago, I discovered just how muchthe band appreciates their fans when I received a reply to thebirthday card I had sent lead singer Nick Hexum. In the card Iwrote a small note and mentioned how cool it would be to get aletter in response. Amazing guys that they are, I got anautographed picture of the band and a short letter from theirmanager.

311 is my favorite band ever. After two yearsof listening to them, I have learned a lot from their songsand have been able to give my friends the chance to discoverwhat an awesome group they are. Maybe I am obsessed with 311,but hey, I don't see that as a problem.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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