Wynonna Judd Concert MAG

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   Wynonna Judd is the best female country singer ever! Whenshe's on stage, the crowd just screams. She dances and haspeople from the audience come on stage and dance with her.It's fun, exciting and unexpected. The concert I went to hadtwo opening acts, LeAnn Rimes and Blackhawk. They warmed upthe crowd but they didn't get us moving like Wynonna did. Hersongs have rhythm; it's the kind of music that relates to youand your life.

Wynonna puts her heart and soul intoevery word she sings. She is talented and sings about herlife, telling people that life will be rough down the road andwe need to learn to deal with it.

She started singingwith her mother, Naomi, in a duo called The Judds. They had ahard time starting out, but they finally made it afterappearing on a talk show. People liked their music and anagent approached them. They became number one in America. WhenWynonna's mother got hepatitis she had to retire from singing.Although Wynonna didn't want to continue without her, Naomiconvinced her daughter to go for her dream and notquit.

If you love country and want to go to a goodconcert with some fun-loving music, I suggest you go seeWynonna Judd.

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i love this so much!


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