Elvis Costello MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Recently I attended a performance byElvis Costello and pianist Steve Neive. Costello entered theroom in his usual attire, a casual suit. I sang along withevery song, but there was only one I really wanted to hear. Ipatiently waited but, as he sang the last words of his hit,"Allison," I knew the next words would be "Goodnight," and they were. The crowd applauded like crazy,chanting, "Elvis, Elvis, Elvis ..."

Anencore was what I needed, and as he walked out on stage Iheard the first few notes of "Watching herDetectives" from his guitar. This was what I had beenwaiting for the entire night. The song was followed by fivemore of my favorites. I left the concert with a smile on myface that didn't leave for days. This had to be one of thebest shows I have ever seen.

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i love this so much!


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